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The 5 Types of Scarcity Driving


Here are the 5 Types of Scarcity Driving That are Slowing You Down:

1. Speeding

You’re probably not going to like this one but speeding, even just 4 miles over the speed limit, is subtly communicating a message of scarcity. By speeding you are saying, “I need to drive faster than everyone else if I am going to succeed.” You are also adding an element of guilt into the mix every time you think you see a police vehicle. Why waste your precious energy speeding and worrying when it could all be avoided by making different choices.

2. Judging

Creating negative stories about other drivers is one of the ways that we make sense out of things we see on the road. It is important to find meaning in things, especially in times when other drivers endanger our lives. What often happens though is we look at the drivers on the road as the enemy and we make assume that they have bad intentions. This type of negativity carries over into the other parts of our lives. And I would argue that it most negatively affects the way we see ourselves.

3. Multi-tasking

My family and I rented a car in the south of France and drove it all the way up to Paris. I loved everything about driving in France and one of the things I loved the most was how the drivers were focused only on driving. Granted, most vehicles are stick shift which requires more of our focused attention but I think it’s about more than that. Europeans have a love and regard for the act of driving that we could stand to learn from. When we are driving and use our hands and eyes for anything that is not driving we are missing an opportunity to drive with presence, attention and precision. A great example of multi-tasking gone wrong happens in The Men Who Stare at Goats. Watch what happens when George Clooney demonstrates Cloudbursting while driving on a desert road:

Don’t be “that guy”

4. Time Traveling

James Altucher refers to “time traveling” as anything we think about that is in the future or past. Time traveling is what we do when we don’t want to be in the present moment. We time travel when we would rather be home than stuck in our daily commute so we speed and take risks whenever we get an opportunity. When we are uncomfortable with the present moment is often when we multi-task, looking for things we would rather do, people we would rather be connecting with. Time traveling in traffic is something that keeps us from being present and at peace with ourselves.

5. Holding a Grudge

When a driver rapidly cuts in front of you do you fantasize about ending up next to them at the next stop light? Gleefully using pantomime to communicate that after all that you both ended up in same place. I am pretty sure we all think about these things, but what really is the point? Sure, we all want to see justice served and who better to deal it out than ‘yours truly’? I would argue that you have better and more important things to do with you energy, like maybe using it to fight against greater injustice.

Besides, I can think of much cooler things to do at a stoplight.

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