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If I forget their names can I still love them?

Last night I had one of those long, sweeping, vivid dreams that take us one a roller coaster of emotions. Toward the end of the dream I had a lucid moment where I was aware that I have a family that I love with all of my being, but I could not in that moment remember who they were. I remember feeling their presence all around me but their forms and faces evaded me. It was not a scary feeling because I knew I was surrounded by their love and felt their presence - but I was incredibly curious about them. As I transitioned out of sleep and into wakefulness I felt a question emerge: If I were to forget the names and faces of my family, would my love for them be any less meaningful?
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Gentlemen, it’s time we talk about Brett Kavanaugh

Using the backdrop of the current political landscape this article lays out a road map for men to acknowledge the incredible power we have for giving women a seat at the table - with us beside them in equality and in community.
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5 Ways that Scarcity Driving is Slowing You Down

“Hey look kids, the new Tesla!”, I exclaimed to my daughters as the latest Model X pulled into view. As we drove down the interstate I proceeded to give my daughters a “dad lecture” about the history of Tesla and Elon Musk’s vision for the future. As I lavished praise on this mid-sized, all-electric marvel …

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