• What if I’m still driving with a scarcity mindset?


Maybe you are on board with everything I have shared with you but you may also be having a negative reaction to some of the things I have shared. I would first say that some of this might be a natural resistance to change. When presented with some information asking us to change our knee jerk reaction is often to resist. I ask you to just keep an open mind and attempt at least one of these scarcity driving antidotes.


You may have some questions. I will attempt to anticipate some of them here.


If we are all driving to the best of our ability, then what’s the point of this article?

Great question, though you may not like the answer. I believe that each of us is doing the best we can. And when we know better, we do better. So guess what? Because you have read this far into the article, you are now one of those people who knows better, so you are now expected to do better. You also probably know instinctively that all of this is good for you and for the better.


But what if I am driving under emergency circumstances?

If you are driving in an emergency, by all means do what you need to do! …But running late to meet a client because you had to run back to the house for your Bulletproof Coffee does not qualify as an emergency.


What if I don’t even drive?

Guess what? This still applies to you because (big reveal) it’s not really about how you operate your vehicle, it’s about how you operate your life.

What if I read this article and then go out and drive like a selfish toddler?

The truth is that will likely happen – on some level. But even becoming aware of your behavior will put you on a better footing for driving and living more abundantly.


How can this help me live a more abundant life?

I believe that driving in traffic is the greatest testing ground for any spiritual practice? That means that if we can learn to practice an abundance mindset behind the wheel, then we will have much more success practicing it in the other parts of our lives: in our relationships, with our finances, in our spiritual lives and in our work.


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